All our games released to date
Release date: 4th Jul 2021
In this short existential horror game developed for the SCREAMSONIC game jam, you become a historian tasked with investigating what happened to Earth. Aiding you is a radio capable of listening to ULDEs (Ultra Long Delayed Echoes).
Loose Units
Release date: 23rd Oct 2020
Thrust into involuntary servitude by your robotic overlords, you attempt to fulfil the role of an overworked butler as you work to collude with the rebellious remnants of your kind and destroy your masters.
Dropping Into Work
Release date: 13th Jul 2020
A corporate takeover sends your job security into a spiral as you contend with the nature of your existence, the volatility of your vocational worth, and the daunting prospect of clashing with company culture.
The Infinite Storm
Release date: 28th Jul 2019
Series: Cockneck
A post-apocalyptic adventure where you drive across desolate wastelands in your car, trying to put an end to a mysterious storm that has ravaged a remote desert. The only problem is that you have no idea what you're doing.
Release date: 19th Apr 2019
Imprint: Giant Dog Acquired Cog
A point-and-click room escape game in which you awake in a cold room, strapped to a wooden chair. You don't know how you got here. All you know is you're in pain, and you need to escape.
Spirit Shocks: Kookaburra Island
Release date: 3rd Mar 2019
Series: Spirit Shocks
Ghost hunting for television is so noughties. These days if you want to prove the existence of ghosts, it's just as much about that sweet, sweet social media influence as it is about the ghost hunting. Join vlogger Susan Willis on her adventure to capture footage of Kookaburra Island's spirit population in this exciting adventure.
For Whom The Bell-end Tolls
Release date: 3rd Mar 2019
Series: Cockneck
A story born of one of the creator’s nihilistic views on society and inaction toward climate change. Despite the characters existing in a literal apocalypse, it's unclear whether life is worse for them now. Driven only by their raison d'être and survival, it becomes clear they owe more to themselves than just that.